Save 50% of your administration time blocked by repetitive tasks

To increase your efficiency, jacando provides you with software with automation.

Make your work easier with our automations

Online applications

Applicants are digitally entered into your HR system without any manual effort.


The assessment of employees and applicants works digitally with automated notifications and workflows.


Applicants can easily be transferred into employees and employees into graduates - including digital onboarding and offboarding workflows.


Important actions can be linked to workflows so that internal decision-makers are automatically notified.


Data can be transferred and retrieved easily and automatically from/to important third-party software.

Self service

Staff and managers (ESS / MSS) have online access to all important data, documents and reports.


Integrated e-signing options enable an efficient and legally binding signature process.


Data can be retrieved, aggregated and analysed instantly and easily from the system.

What our customers say about us

Optimise relevant KPIs sustainably

Productivity increase

The productivity of your HR staff can be increased through the use of jacando with clear structures and processes. In addition, an improved onboarding process facilitates the integration of new employees, who can then perform earlier.

Increase employee satisfaction

Using jacando frees up time for the really important topics in HR - the employees and their well-being. By investing in these topics, employee satisfaction can be significantly increased.

Reduce administrative tasks

Through our different modules you have the possibility to individually select your service packages and to get the maximum time savings for your company.

Reduce fluctuation

Increased employee satisfaction ultimately leads to lower staff turnover in your company.

Save costs

With the jacando software, you save costs above all in the form of administrative effort, which is reduced enormously.

Are you looking for a return on investment overview?

We break down the criteria you can use when selecting HR software from an ROI perspective.

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