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Connect your data from the jacando HR application with all the applications your company needs

jacando X

How does the personnel data from software A get into the payroll accounting run of software B? The in-house interface of jacando X enables continuous processes despite different business applications and thus a standardized data import and export.

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Powerful integrations with the tools that you use every day

From recruiting to paying your employees, we’ve got integrations for every step of your HR process

Payroll / ERP

Integrated with the most popular applications for wage and expense management, jacando helps both the HR and accounting team to work together more efficiently:


Our integration with Datev includes a transfer of payroll, master and transaction data. Any type of personnel files from Datev can be stored in jacando.


Thanks to the integration with Sage, master and transaction data from jacando can be easily transferred into the system. Any type of personnel data from Sage can be stored in jacando.


The payroll, master and transaction data are sent automatically from jacando to Abacus. Any type of personnel file from Abacus can be stored in jacando.

Swiss Salary

Changes to salary components, master and transaction data in jacando are transmitted to Swiss Salary in real time, so that the current status is available at all times.

SAP hcm

The integration of SAP HCM, Hana or SuccessFactors in jacando offers you the possibility to exchange master and transaction data including the employment of your employees between the systems.


Master data and transaction data are transferred from jacando to BMD. Documents such as the monthly payroll or the annual tax assessment are imported into the employee's personnel file via mass upload.


The integration with Addison includes transfer of master data and transaction data. Options for submitting the eAU via Addison are also planned. Documents such as the monthly payroll or the annual tax assessment are imported from Addison into the employee's personnel file.


Edlohn is a native interface with jacando X. Thus, the master & transaction data is transferred from jacando to edlohn in real time. Documents such as the monthly payroll or the annual tax assessment are automatically transferred from edlohn to jacando and stored in the digital personnel file.


With Paychex, data import and export to SBS is possible. From Paychex, any type of personnel file can be saved in jacando. In this way, documents such as the monthly payroll or the annual tax assessment are imported into the employee's personnel file via mass upload.


Thanks to this integration, projects can be transferred from Proffix to jacando. Employee and time data are simply transferred from jacando to Proffix so that they do not have to be maintained twice. The transfer of the wage data follows promptly.

team management

Real-time notifications

Always stay on top of things with real time message notifications about important changes:

Slack (coming soon)

Receive push notifications in Slack about any activity update in jacando: from document changes to applications and more. This way, you and your team stay up to date at all times.

Teams (coming soon)

Receive notifications in teams when activities such as master data change, new requests are received or absence requests are created in jacando. This way you have everything in one place and collaboration works even better.


Document Signing

Sign employment contracts and updates on personnel file and store them with just a few clicks:


Automatically update the signature status of documents like contracts in jacando with SignRequest. Required signatures are simply requested via email. As soon as the document has been signed electronically, it is stored in the digital personnel file.


With Docusign, the signature status of documents such as consent forms can be updated at the click of a mouse. The signatures are requested and can be inserted electronically. The signed documents are stored in the digital personnel file.


Extended Time and Shift

Manage the activity of your team with complex shift planning, time recording and attendance management with one of our powerful integrations:


Add shift planning and time recording terminals from askDante to your time management in jacando. Employee master data is transferred to askDante automatically and in real time. The times recorded in askDante are in turn mirrored to jacando.

Papershift (coming soon)

Extend your HR suite with comprehensive duty, vacation and absence planning from Papershift. Employee master data in jacando is synchronized with Papershift, making the combination ideal for more complex duty scheduling requirements.


Keep track of your employee costs, staff scheduling, absences and overtime in an easy-to-use all-in-one app with Shiftbase. Thanks to this, you can access your data anytime and anywhere. The employee master data as well as changes are transferred from jacando to Shiftbase in real time.


With Atoss you can solve complex workforce management requirements. Via the interface, the employee master data and changes to these are transferred from jacando to Atoss. Atoss in turn can mirror the time data and absences to jacando, which are stored in the time profile of the respective employee.


Single-Sign On

Allow your employees access to the most vital apps your organization uses in their workflow. Collaborate on documents together and schedule meetings via shared calendars and more:

Azure Active Directory

Help your employees sign in and access resources in the Microsoft Suiteand thousands of other Saas applications, but also internal resources, such as apps developed by your own organization.

Google Suite (coming soon)

Combine chat, meeting and collaboration via a wide range of Google apps. Schedule meetings via Google Calendar and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets.

talent management

Recruiting Tools

Bidirectional communication with your favorite recruiting apps:

Job Ad partner

Publish your job advertisements in real time from jacando to Job Ad Partner as soon as you publish them in jacando.

Radancy's employee-recruit-employee program

Attract top talent through digital employee referrals. Candidates who come via referrals automatically receive bonuses once they are marked as employed.


Import candidates documents in jacando with just one click. Create employee files and fill in the data directly from the Recruitee app.


Post your job ads in real time from jacando to the Federal Employment Agency as soon as you post the job in jacando.


Post your job ads in real time from jacando to RAV as soon as you put them online in jacando.


Publish your job ads in real time from jacando to Yourfirm as soon as you put them online in jacando.


Publish your job ads in real time from jacando to stellenanzeigen.de as soon as you put them online in jacando.


Publish your job ads in real time from jacando to Regio Job Anzeiger as soon as you put them online in jacando.


Post your job ads in real time from jacando to Indeed as soon as you put them online in jacando.


Tools for employees

Synchronize learning and master data, survey results, and other data with the employee tools you use:


Manage your employee master data in jacando and transfer it automatically to Talent LMS. Transfer certificates & trainings from TalentLMS to jacando.


Manage your employee master data in jacando and transfer it automatically to Talent LMS365. Transfer certificates & trainings from LMS365 to jacando.

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jacando transfers master data and team structures to RobinMood so that these can be accessed for the creation of employee surveys. In order to use team-specific surveys, the assignment of the teams is transferred in addition to the typical personnel master data.

Witty works

Witty Works is a digital writing assistant for inclusive language and behavior. Witty is a browser extension and works automatically on the Jacando interface. This way, inclusive language is consistently implemented in all kinds of communication in the company.


Expense management (coming soon)

Simplify the management of your expenses: Whether it's expense or travel expense reports - you can automate here, too!

Mobilexpense Declaree

With Mobilexpense Declaree you can extend your HR suite with an integrated travel expense report. The master data stored in jacando is transferred to Mobilexpense and synchronized.


Simplify your expense management with Rydoo. Employee data is automatically provided and synchronized via the integration.

Expensya-Logo-CLEVIS-2 - Edited


Expensya automates the management of all business expenses: Travel expense reports, per diems, online payments and more. All master data stored in jacando is transferred to Expensya and synchronized.


Automate your expense and travel expense reporting with Klippa. All master data stored in jacando is transferred to Klippa and synchronized.

Clear and simple: Your latest imports including statistics are listed at a glance, giving you quick access to everything you need.
From amateur to professional: Depending on your needs, you can define with two different roles who sees which view: The admin creates the users and is therefore responsible for the role distribution. The normal user has the simple version and can (also) perform integrations independently.
Available to all: X is available for simple to super-complex formats. From CSV, XML and DATEV to REST – X converts everything so you can continue using it with just a few clicks.
Whatever you need: Optionally, original data can be changed to a format that you desire, such as:

  • Replacing function (F to female)
  • Date format (24.05.2019 to YYYYMMDD)
  • ISO code (Switzerland to CH)
  • Calculations (+-*/)
  • Type transformation (to string, number etc)
Start anytime: You can start the integration manually or simply set a trigger. You can specify, for example, that it is to be performed every ten hours or on certain days at a specified time.
No faux pas: If you change the import afterwards, it will not simply be overwritten, but automatically saved again. The “old” file is marked with “outdated” and can still be deleted. So nothing gets lost.

Need a custom integration? Use Zapier or Integromat.

By integrating Zapier and Integromat in jacando you can create workflows that fit your way of working. Start small and gradually expand your automation.

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